Stray Kids gives you a preview of their upcoming tracks on ‘NOEASY’

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Stray Kids continue to give us previews of their upcoming tracks on their upcoming album, ‘NOEASY‘. Check them out below!

The next track preview is for the track, ‘Sorry, I Love You‘. This clip features the members standing with their own microphone and stand. Each member gets their time to shine as they give each of them a close up when they are singing the song. The song is quite soothing to listen to and surely leave us feeling quite relaxed and touched by the vibe of the song. This is definitely a vibe that fans can appreciate from them since it is a vibe that they don’t do often.



They have also dropped their unit and group teasers. For their unit teasers, we see them wearing the black and white outfits, which were their second concept teaser. They definitely look quite charismatic and cool while posing with one another. Especially with the way they are staring at the camera, we can’t help but feel their glare. For their group teasers, one of them features them wearing the same black and white outfits. The other image features the neon nights and the blue and white outfits that go well with the summer night. It is quite a refreshing look, especially with their previous dark and serious concept teasers. It is a nice change to look at.

They have previewed the track, ‘The View‘. This track has this uplifting feeling that goes nicely with the vibe of the video. It has this fun melody that one could definitely groove along to. Their vocals just travel so beautifully with this type of beat. This type of song is definitely released at the right time since it goes well with summer.

Secret Secret‘ is the next track to be previewed. This song is super soft to listen to. One can’t help but fall deep into the melody of this song. It has this calming vibe that fits them well. This video also only features them singing with microphones, allowing us to fully focus on the beauty of this song.

They have finally dropped the MV teaser for ‘Thunderous‘. This teaser doesn’t give away much about the song. However, it does give us hints on what to expect from this MV. They surely have surprised us with all the elements added to this video. They begin off with this traditional concept as they are seen entering the realms and beauty of the past. Then, we got dragged through a short animation that enhances this vibe they are going for. This is different and surely gets us excited for the full release.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on August 23rd. Which track caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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