Stray Kids brings you ‘Christmas EveL’ in their teasers

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Stray Kids has dropped their teasers for their upcoming special season return with ‘Christmas EveL‘. Check it out below!


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They have released their first concept teaser. This concept brings out the best in them, especially with that beautiful purple effect. Although there are many items that bring out that Christmas vibes, the members maintain their charismatic and cool look as they stare right at the camera. They surely know how to capture us with their concept and overall look.

They have also dropped the tracklist. There is a total of 4 tracks including ‘Christmas EveL‘, ‘24 to 25‘, ‘Winter Falls‘ and the English version of ‘Domino‘.

In the first MV teaser for ‘Christmas EveL‘, it features the members in the car while slowly waking up due to the radio. Then, they turn on the GPS and are heading somewhere. During that time, we get hit with this beautiful beat drop, which gives us a hint on what to expect from this track.

For their second concept teaser, they have embraced that Christmas vibes as they are dressed up warmly for the event. The overall setting is also quite homey and fluffy, bringing out the best in this concept. We also get to see a softer side to them, that leaves our hearts swooning with love.

They have also given us a preview of ‘24 to 25‘. This song starts off with the beautiful charms of Christmas. It is sweet and lovely to listen to. It is the kind of song that puts us in a good mood for a beautiful song. We also get to hear the vocals, which is just so touching to listen to. It goes so nicely with their vocals. We also get to see them all sing, which is just so sweet to our ears.

They have revealed the second MV teaser for ‘Christmas EveL‘. The beat definitely sounds quite different from the first MV teaser. This beat is quite laid-back and chill. We can’t wait to see where this song goes.

Meanwhile, they are set to make their hot return on November 29th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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