‘Stay’ with Saturday’s new MV

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Saturday has returned showing all the cuteness, with their new MV titled ‘Stay’. Let’s go to wonderland together and watch it below.

SATURDAY (세러데이) – ‘있을게(STAY)’ Official Music Video

From the start of the video you get a sense of calm with the gentle backing track and the lookbook type photos being shown, taking you on this adventure. The outfits of the MV are very soft and flowy which represents the theme of the MV itself. Add in a sprinkle of gentle vocals to this and we are swept off our feet.

The playful choreography and fun the group are having set you up for a wonderful date with Saturday. I like how it has a narrative style to the video as well, it’s almost as they are creating memories with us. There is something special when an MV feels as though it captures the audience’s attention and includes them in their process.

‘Stay’ is also featured on the group’s 6th single album titled ‘Find Summer’ and I am sure we will all find summer when listening to this song too. The single album was released on the 25th of July along with the MV and you can find it on Spotify.

The single album features two tracks including ‘Stay’ and is exactly as dreamy as you would expect. What did you like about ‘Stay’? Let us know in the comments!

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