Spectrum give you a ‘Special clip’ for their new MV

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We were struck with adorableness when Spectrum released their new MV titled ‘Special clip‘.

The MV shows the group out and about just having fun, almost like a Vlog to fans allowing us to go with them on ‘Holiday‘ which is one of the lyrics of the song.

Spectrum ‘Special Clip’ MV

The clip is super fun as they take us from the train station, to a beach and just roaming around having fun. All the while singing to us like we are with them on the adventure. This is a truly unique idea that not many other groups could have pulled off.

Filled with pastels and soft colors, it really makes you feel like you are on a fun day out with friends. The vocals are almost as if they are talking to you and sharing their fun time with you. How special do we feel!

It’s not often you get to go on an adventure with your favorite group. Our favourite part was when Spectrum were in a store playing with soft toys and just jigging to the song. What was your favorite part?

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