Soyeon drops her ‘Windy’ tracklist

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(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon prepares for her upcoming solo return with ‘Windy‘. Check out the latest teasers below!

She has revealed her tracklist. There is a total of five tracks including ‘BEAM BEAM‘, ‘Weather‘, ‘Quit‘, ‘Psycho‘ and ‘Is This Bad B****** Number?‘ featuring BIBI and Youngji.

For her first concept teaser, we get a total of three images. The images feature her wearing a beautiful pink outfit while having a fun time in the bedroom. She shows off her smiles and charms as she surrounds herself with pink items.

Her second concept teaser goes for a fun look as her images are edited to give it that magazine vibe. It is fun and chill, which goes nicely with the way she poses for the camera. She surely knows how to leave us enjoying different sides of her.

In her third concept teaser, she goes for another different look. This time, it has a darker vibe as she is seen wearing a black outfit with quite a dark setting. The white couch contrasts nicely with her outfit, allowing her to stand out and showcase her fierce look.

Her fourth teaser has her enjoying a picnic during the night. Her outfit definitely fits summer and surely has us captivated by her charms. She fits well with this type of theme, allowing us to enjoy all the images she has revealed so far.

She has also revealed the audio snippet. What makes this unique is the fact that she is in the recording studio near the producing computer. She plays snippets of the song while singing along to it. ‘BEAM BEAM‘ definitely has that bright summer vibe that goes well with her tone of voice. ‘Weather‘ is such a chill song and surely puts us in a good mood. Like she said, it is fitting to a rainy day. ‘Quit‘ is also another chill song with a fun beat. It is easy to listen to and makes it quite fun to groove along to. ‘Pyscho‘ allows us to admire her rapping skills as she lies her raw rap verses on us. ‘Is This Bad B****** Number?‘ has such a nice beat that allows her rap verse to shine. It is nice to see this fun side of her.

In her first MV teaser, we hear this hard-hitting beat as she is seen eating a burger. It looks like she is on break and is half-enjoying her meal. She looks rather annoyed before the video comes to an end. It is short but enough to leave us hooked.

Her latest teaser is the second MV teaser. This time, we get a splash of summer as she enjoys herself while cleaning. She definitely knows how to bring her personality to the video while enjoying the beauty of her job. We can’t wait to hear the full track.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on July 5th. Which track did you like the most so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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