SHINee Minho is suave and sophisticated in new teaser for ‘I’m Home’

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SHINee‘s Minho is continuing to drop very handsome teaser images for his first solo track for SM Station 3.

The track to be called ‘I’m Home‘ is scheduled to be released on March 28 at 6pm KST via SM Entertainment‘s digital music channel SM Station.

In the latest teaser image, Minho has added a pair of glasses to his look of suave sophistication. He looks a bit like the intellectual professor we all wished we’d had a university!

Minho’s latest teaser image

Minho will be performing his single at the encore show of his Asia fan meeting tour ‘The Best Choi’s Minho‘, which will be taking place on March 30 at 7pm KST at Goryeo University’s Hwajung Gymnasium.

As previously reported, it has been confirmed that Minho will be enlisting in Korea’s Marine Corp on April 15.

What do you think of Minho‘s teaser images for ‘I’m Home‘? What style of music are you expecting to hear from him. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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