Shaun surprises fans with two MV teasers!

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Shaun surely is going all out for this upcoming comeback. In particular, it looks like we will be getting two music videos. He has revealed two MV teasers so check it out below!

So, the first track is called ‘Bad Habits‘. The video showcases a girl who is having fun on a road trip. She travels around in a land with no one, yet she continues to smile and have fun. The track itself has this nostalgic vibe that really grabs your attention. It goes with the video and fans are getting more excited for more.

The other track is called ‘Terminal‘. This teaser is definitely different to the previous tracks. It has that club vibe due to the lighting it initially has. Then, the mood changes as the video becomes unsaturated, and we get to see the kind of music that accompanies this video. Both tracks bring out the best in his voice and one can’t wait for its release.

Meanwhile, Shaun will release both tracks on January 1st. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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