SF9 say ‘Enough’ is ‘Enough’

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SF9 made a successful comeback this week with the release of their sixth mini-album ‘Narcissus‘ and the title track ‘Enough‘.

As we told you when the teasers were dropping for this release, Narcissus was a mythological Greek god who was known for his beauty. This is a central theme of the title track and the accompanying music video.

Enough‘ is a song about letting a loved one know that they are beautiful enough, but also contains a deeper meaning, of admitting ones own beauty and to stop searching for it.

In an interview just before the release, Youngbin stated, “It’s a song about self-love and it says we’re already beautiful enough inside, so we don’t need to become any more beautiful.”.

The song itself is a sleek combination of genres, there’s trap, EDM, hip hop and even an underlying flow of reggae. The beat is infused with a reverberating bass and some quirky digital blips which only add to the languidly sexy feel of the song.

The music video continues on with the theme of ‘Narcissus‘. The members are powerful, charismatic and sexy as they haughtily stare down their own reflections in mirrors.

The choreography for the track is next level and ensures that they are firmly cementing themselves amongst the elite of K-pop acts.

SF9 ‘Enough’

What were your thoughts on ‘Enough‘ from SF9? Did you like the song and the MV? Let us know in the comments below.

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