SF9 are more than glorious in latest ‘9loryUS’ teasers

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With the release of their eighth mini-album ‘9loryUS‘ tomorrow, SF9 are continuing to drop aesthetic filled teasers.

9loryUS‘ has been scheduled for release on July 6 – and you already know how excited we are for this release!

The highlight medley gives us a chance to hear a little of each of the tracks on the mini-album. We don’t know if we can pick a favourite – they all sound amazing.

SF9 ‘9loryUS’ highlight medley

The group have now released two MV teasers for the title track ‘Summer Breeze‘ and we’re trying to remain calm in the countdown to it’s release. This concept is so cool, an the choreography snippet we’ve been given looks next level.

SF9 ‘Summer Breeze’ MV teaser 2

SF9 ‘Summer Breeze’ MV teaser 1

The remaining individual teasers were released last week, and they keep with the two themes of ‘golden chaser‘ and ‘black chaser‘. We have no words other than ‘WOW’. I mean – HOW…..

This set includes my bias wrecker of all bias wreckers (if you’ve been paying attention, you know who that is) – it’s just not fair!

SF9 ‘9loryUS’ individual teasers

SF9‘s ‘9loryUS‘ is scheduled for release on July 6 at 6pm (KST). I’m just a bit excited, how are you guys holding up?

What do you think of the teasers that have been released so far? What do you think of the MV teasers for ‘Summer Breeze‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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