Seventeen gives you a preview of their ‘An Ode’ album

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Seventeen prepares for their upcoming return with ‘An Ode‘. They have dropped the album preview and the MV teasers. So, check it out below!

Seventeen always know how to surprise us with change-up of concepts however still maintaining their usual signature sound. ‘Lie Again‘ is a ballad song that allows their vocals to shine. It is such a beautiful song to listen to as it puts you in a good mood. The title track hits harder than any song they have released. It is the kind of song that one would love to jam to. ‘Let Me Hear You‘ is also an upbeat song with a mix of summer. The Performance Team‘s ‘247‘ slows it down with such a sexy song. It fits their voices so nicely.

Second Life‘ is a song by the Vocal Team. As expected, this song is such a lovely song that brings out the best in their vocals. It is just so beautiful and relaxing to listen to. ‘Network Love‘ is such a bop to listen to and truly great random mix of members. HipHop Team hits it hard with ‘Back It Up’. Unique grooves are added throughout the song. ‘Lucky‘, ‘Snap Shoot‘ and ‘Happy Ending‘ is a perfect end to this album. It is an album filled with such beautiful songs that fans should look forward to listening.

The MV teaser continues with the theme they have been going for since their trailers. It is mysterious and leaves fans searching for answers. The mystery vibe has such a great transition to the song as it drops at the right moment. It leaves one heart’s racing as we get lost in each of the member’s scene. What leaves us with chills is Seungkwan‘s high vocals, leaving us to anticipate for something great!

The second MV tease is dropped. This time we get to hear more of the song as well as witness the dance choreography. This group continues to upgrade themselves as they serve us with all kind of visuals and aesthetic effects. It leaves us breathless and quite excited for the full release.

Meanwhile, the group is set to make their hot return on September 16th. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

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