Seventeen continues to draw you in with ‘Face The Sun’ trailers

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Seventeen continues to drop their ‘Face The Sun‘ trailers for each member. Check them out below!

Jeonghan‘s teaser is about Unlock-Close. His video features him holding a chain of keys while walking among the white room with bird cages hang throughout the room. Accompanying this video is a beautiful piano melody with the sounds of birds fluttering. It is a smooth and relaxing setting to be at despite the actual meaning behind this trailer, which could possibly allude to being trapped inside somewhere.

Seungkwan is the next person to drop his teaser. Concrete Maze is the theme of his trailer. The video has him sitting behind a tight pathway before we see him running through different pathways before he came across a red button that made the corridor even more infinite than before.

DK is the next member to drop his trailer. The theme of this trailer is Smile Emoji. The video begins with him being in a room filled with people but the spotlight is on DK. Then, he finds a paper bag that ends up on each person’s head.

The next member to drop their trailer is Dino. His theme is The Wire Jail. The video starts off with this sentimental melody as we see Dino stuck in a room filled with wires all connected and plugged in. Because he sees all these plugs, he has unplugged them all, almost meaning that he is unplugging everything from his life.

Mingyu drops his trailer, which is about Harmony-Discord. The video begins with the sound of the metronome before zooming out to see Mingyu on the piano. It looks like he is undergoing through a writer’s block where he is unable to think of the right notes to play.

The latest member to drop their teaser is Vernon. His theme is Fishbowl and Sea. Thus, the video starts off with a floating fish in a bowl before we see Vernon immerged in a pool of water. Then, it transitions to him sitting in a bath with the walls filled with words written in mirror image.

Meanwhile, the group is set to return on May 27th. Are you enjoying these trailers? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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