Seungri’s enlistment has been confirmed

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YG Entertainment has confirmed that Seungri will be enlisting as an active duty solider on March 25.

The BIGBANG member had previously applied for the conscripted policeman selection examination, however, he has since withdrawn himself from selection to enlist as an active duty solder.

A representative from YG Entertainment has confirmed, “After checking with Seungri, it is true that he applied for the conscripted policeman selection examination at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on January 7. However, in order to not create any misunderstandings, even if he passes the first round, he will be withdrawing himself from the selection and enlisting as an active duty soldier.”

It has been reported that Seungri went through an aptitude test and a physical examination to apply as a driving specialist. The results for the first round of examinations are reportedly coming out today on March 8. Among those who pass the first round, only a few will be selected to fulfill their military duties as conscripted policemen.

Seungri ‘1, 2, 3’

It has further been reported that the BIGBANG member recently received his draft notice, and he will be enlisting at the Nonsan Army Training Centre on March 25.

A source close to the singer reportedly stated, “It is true that Seungri applied to become a conscripted policeman. However, he gave up on it a long time ago after taking his various emotions into consideration.

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