Rothy to release her 6th single album

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Rothy will be returning with her 6th single album called ‘Winter… And Then Spring‘. Check out the teasers below!

Her first image teaser reveals the name of this album. The image itself features a fancy set up for her keyboard. However, the overall atmosphere would be nice to sing at, especially how peaceful it looks like.

In her pre-release single, we get to hear the beauty of her voice. The instrumentation is kept quite minimal, allowing her voice to shine through. It is the kind of song that brings us chills. It is also the kind of song that we can expect as an OST. She just has that type of voice that comforts us all.

In her second concept teaser, we see hear wearing a beautiful red cardigan that brings colour to the overall background. We also get to see her pose at the place that was featured in her first image teaser. We are excited to see what else she will showcase.

In her calligraphy teaser, we get to see her sing the same song. However, this time, instead of being in the recording studio, we get to see her in a beautiful setting while singing this beautiful song.

This time, in her Instagram teaser, we get to see different images of her while having the lyrics on the side. The more times we hear this song, the more hooked we get. She just has such a clear tone that hits at the right spots. It is truly beautiful to listen to.

For her Spring teaser, we get to see her posing around beautiful flowers, which helps set the tone of this concept. She just looks super mesmerising with the use of beautiful colour tones. It definitely has this magical vibe that has us excited.

In her kakaotalk teaser, we get to hear another section of the song. This time, it is quite soft and soothing before it leads up to the section that we have been hearing in her other teasers. It is a great way of slowly warming us up to this song.

In the lyric video, she has a repeated visual, allowing us to focus on the beauty of this song and the lyrics. It definitely gets us excited for this release.

She has dropped the MV teaser. In this MV teaser, we see her playing the piano while being surrounded by snow. This kind of vibe fits perfectly with the melody of this song. It is such a comforting song to listen to as it brings out the best in her vocals.

In her latest concept teaser, we see her posing in the same scenery as her Spring teaser. This time, it focuses more on the overall area. It definitely has that dreamy effect that really captures her beauty.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on February 24th. Are you ready for her return? Let us know in the comments below!

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