Rothy is the ‘BEE’ that we all want to have in our lives!

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Rothy has finally returned with a new mini album, ‘Color Of Rothy‘. Within this album, there is a total track called ‘BEE‘. She has dropped the MV for it. So, check it out below!

Like what we have heard so far in her highlight medley, as well as the MV teasers, we get that soothing and sweet vocals shining through this upbeat melody. This is the kind of song that really puts you in a good mood. It still has that energetic vibe yet is toned down to be quite chill. You can’t help but groove along to the song. The dance choreography is also quite simple and sweet. It fits well with her and one can’t help but admire just how beautiful her voice is and how well it fits with the vibe of this song.

So, be sure to check out the MV above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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