Rocket Girls surprises fans with their solo releases

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Yes, that is right! Rocket Girls have released their own individual tracks. Check them all out below!

Clare was first to release her solo track. It is called ‘Yes 18‘. It has this sweet vibe that goes nicely with her tone of voice. She is also quite cute in this video. You can’t help but fall deep into her charms. This kind of concept works well with her soothing song.

Meiyun reveals her ‘It’s Raining‘ solo track. This track has this sweet vibe to it that works well with the title of this song. She has such a clear voice that runs so nicely with the melody. Something about it gives it that happy vibe, putting you in a good mood.

Zining drops her ‘Own‘ solo track. She has this beautiful instrumental melody that allows her to express her feelings. She begins off soft, sounding almost like a whisper and a lullaby. You can’t help but get chills as she sings along to the melody. She has a way to control her voice before it gets so strong and light. It is the kind of song that will have you feeling the chills.

Sunnee is up next with her ‘That I‘ song. She has gone for a soothing piano melody that goes well with her tone of voice. It is just so nice to listen to. It is clear just how easy it is for her to sing. She makes it so effortlessly as she slowly sings along to the piano instrumentation. She too as a way to control her voice and make it so comforting to listen to.

WJSN’s Meiqi reveals her ‘Only You Know‘ solo track. With the colours she has used, she has embraced the summer vibe. Unlike the other members, she has this girl crush and strong charismatic look to her. She knows that this kind of look works well for her. This kind of tropical sound goes well with her voice. You can’t help but fall deep into her charms.

MiMi is next to release her ‘Activist‘ track. She too has gone for that sexy and charismatic look. It is also great to watch her dance. It definitely helps let us see her talents as she moves along to her dance. She definitely has the moves and the voice to fit such a fast-paced track.

Mengjie drops her ‘Building A Plane‘ solo. In her video, she begins with this jazzy song before showing off her voice. She puts her own oriental touch to this upbeat melody. She knows how to capture our attention with her unique voice. She definitely knows the best way to showcase her charms, allowing us to see all sides to her.

Yamy is up next with ‘Flying Girl‘. She has gone for a tough girl group look. Since her voice is deep, this kind of hardcore voice, she has chosen the right concept for her. Unlike the other members, she showcases her tough rap verses. She definitely knows how to have her fans falling for her more.

Up next is WJSN‘s Xuanyi drops her ‘Full Sugar‘ track. She has gone for that cutesy girl crush vibe that goes nicely with her. She has the voice that works well with this melody. Something about this song is quite fun and thus makes it so easy to enjoy.

Chaoyue is next to reveal her solo track, ‘O.O‘. She has gone for a bright and happy sound that works well with her personality. She also is seen been quite fun and playful throughout the music video. These individual solo videos definitely know how to show us different sides to the members.

Fu Jing is the final member to reveal her solo track, ‘Alita‘. Finally, she has this mature look to her as she sits by the table. Her voice just travels along with this melody so well. It is also great to her show off her dance moves. The black outfits also go nicely with the overall vibe of this song.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all the songs out above! Which track did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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