Rendezvous is coming soon!

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Yes, that is right! It looks like Rendezvous is ready to make their hot debut! They have dropped the first teaser. Check it out below!

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안녕하세요, 여러분~ 이번 공지 내용은 랑데뷰의 앨범 소식입니다 ^^ 랑데뷰 앨범의 에피소드 1. 그 에피소드 1에 담길, 총 5개의 앨범 으로 진행 예정입니다. – 앨범은 'Q-U-E-S-T' 5단계의 스토리로 진행되는데요, 그중 첫 번째로 공개될 앨범은 'Q'에 해당되는 스토리 앨범입니다. 'Q'는, 'Question'에 해당되는 앨범으로써, 랑데뷰 팀의 궁금함을 표현한 앨범입니다. – 11월 중으로 첫 번째 앨범 공개와 동시에 정식 데뷔를 앞두고 있는 랑데뷰! 여러분, 그때까지 궁금해하시면서 꼭 기다려 주세요~!! – Hello, everybody~ – This announcement is about the album of the rendezvous ^^ Episode 1 of the Rendezvous album. For that episode 1, we'll have 5 albums in total. – The album is a five-step story of Q-U-E-S-T. – The first album to be released is a story album that is equivalent to Q. 'Q' is the equivalent of 'Question' and expresses the curiosity of the rendezvous team. – We're releasing our first album in November, and we're about to make our official debut! Everyone, please wait until then~!! – #랑데뷰 #rendezvous #랑데뷰슬기 #랑데뷰수리 #랑데뷰승희 #랑데뷰링이 #rendezvousseulgi #rendezvoussuri #rendezvousseunghee #rendezvouslingyi #parksalcompany #정식 #데뷔 #앨범 #걸그룹 #박살컴퍼니

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As many knows, Rendezvous had made their pre-debut with ‘Summer Paradise’ back in August. Now, it looks like the group is preparing for their official debut. They have released an image of a treasure chest in a game format. It appears that there will be a total of five albums. It is said that these albums will be a five-step story of Q, U, E, S and T.

The first album release will be the story album of Q. The Q is meant to mean Question and thus expresses the fans’ curiosity!

Meanwhile, they are set to make their hot debut on October 25th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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