Red Velvet wants to ‘Remember Forever’

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Red Velvet has surprised us all with the MV for their side track, ‘Remember Forever‘. They have also released the performance MV of their title track, ‘Pyscho‘. Check it out below!

Once again, their visuals are on point! The video itself has presented us a lyrics video with behind the scene footage of their photoshoot. These videos definitely bring out the best in the members while giving us the chance to enjoy their vocals. They all have such beautiful voices, which flows nicely with the melody. It is the kind of song that one would love to listen to while relaxing.

They have also released the performance video of ‘Psycho‘. With this video, we get to see them dance to the song in their concept outfits. It definitely is quite enjoyable to watch them dance so nicely with the melody of this track. It is clear that the concepts work so well with the mood of the song. This kind of video definitely allows us to see the best in their dance choreography.

So, be sure to check out the videos above. Did you enjoy the finale of their ‘ReVe Festival‘? Let us know in the comments below!

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