Red Velvet prepares for their comeback with ‘Queens Mystic Archive Project’ teasers

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Ahead of their comeback, Red Velvet is launching a promotional project that involves them highlighting their past tracks with never seen before footage. These videos will feature some objects that have been previously used in their MVs. It is a great way to get to connect the dots and figure out what they will be returning with. So, check them out below!

The first video is for the track, ‘Something Kinda Crazy‘. We get this high-quality video of the members entering a room filled with a lot of items. Among the items, there is a white cat hiding. As the members wander around the room, a videotape drop. This caught each member’s attention and they went on to play the video, which features the word “Queens” before the video comes to an end.

The next track is ‘I Just‘ which only features member Wendy. We see Wendy looking through a magic hat that leads her to another side of her. She goes for a rock punk vibe with the leather jacket and a rather dark concept. It is different from the Wendy that is looking through, who has a more innocent and pure vibe.

Yeri is next up with ‘Talk To Me‘. We see Yeri starting a live stream, looking super cute in pink. She heads to the kitchen and starts baking something fun. She is seen icing the cake while showcasing to the audience her end product. The video comes to an abrupt end when her cake was eaten by the cat!

The next video is for ‘Perfect 10‘, which features Irene. We have Irene playing the videotape. The videotape features quite a high quality video of an elegant Irene singing along to this track. She surely knows how to capture us with her look and vibe.

Joy brings us ‘Bad Dracula‘. It is such a fun song that goes with the nature vibe she has gone for. She embraces the dark makeup, that stands out against the overall green scenery. It is clear just how much fun she is having while filming this as she moves to the music and flashes beautiful smiles.

Then we have Seulgi with ‘So Good‘. This song is just so soothing to listen to. This R&B vibe definitely goes well with their vocals. Seulgi herself is seen moving so beautifully along to the song as she chills on the tennis court. She surely knows how to make tennis look fierce and powerful.

The last teaser is for ‘Closed‘. This closes up this project, leaving us excited for their upcoming return. The video itself features the members sitting around the table as they stare at the big cat.

We can’t wait to see what they will get up to. What kind of concept do you want to see them return with? Let us know in the comments below!

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