Red Velvet goes for that ‘Really Bad Boy’ look in new image teasers

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It looks like Red Velvet is bringing back the Halloween theme! They have not only revealed their group teasers, but also Irene‘s individual teasers. So, check it out below!

So, from the group teasers, it is evident that they are bringing back the spooks. Even though we are almost a month past the Halloween date, it is clear to say that one does not need a Halloween party on the exact date. This kind of strong ‘Bad Boy‘ look they are going for works well with each member, as well as fitting nicely into their spooky vibe.

Meanwhile, Irene is serving up visuals in her set of teasers. One of the images show off the creepy vibes of Halloween. She is seen posing near a gate that is decorated with dead leaves. The way she stares at the camera just helps intensify this spooky vibe. The rest of the images brings out the royalty concept that works well with Irene. She just looks beautiful and elegant in everything she wears. Even the light is helping bring out the diamond sparkles to the images.

It was also revealed that this upcoming mini album will also include the English version of ‘RBB‘ for their global fans. The album itself will have a total of six tracks including the title track, ‘RBB‘ and its English version, ‘Butterflies‘, ‘So Good‘, ‘Sassy Me’ and ‘Taste‘. ‘RBB‘ is described as a R&B pop song which has an attractive melody with high notes.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet will make their return on November 30th. Are you looking forward to their return? Let us know in the comments below!

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