Red Velvet goes for a funky look in latest teasers

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Red Velvet is definitely serving up visuals for their latest set of teasers. They have no only revealed a new group teaser, they have also dropped the MV teaser for ‘RBB’. So, check it out below!

They are definitely killing it with this latest group teaser. The image is quite saturated in colour and thus it definitely captures your attention. Even their fashion is on point and works well with the overall scenery. This kind of scene is a match up between their majestic and horror concept. The visuals top-notch and really brings out their majestic atmosphere while it is combined with its spooky theme. The darkness helps bring everything together and make fans anticipate for something great. 

The track is quite funky where the trumpet does wonder. It is also interesting how they incorporate the horror theme into both their music video and the track itself. Especially it is amazing to think how well Wendy’s scream works into the track. It surely is something new that will bring out their vocals! 

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is set to make their hot return on November 30th. What do you think of the vibe of this track? Let us know in the comments below!

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