Ravi gives you an insight into his upcoming album, ‘R.ook Book’

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VIXX‘s Ravi has dropped the highlight medley for his upcoming album, ‘R.ook Book‘. This highlight medley will give you a preview of his tracks. So, check it out below!

This album will have a total of eight tracks including the title track, ‘Tuxedo‘, the pre-released track, ‘Live‘ featuring Chungha, ‘R.ook Book’, ‘L.A.Y.E.R.E.D‘ featuring SAAY, ‘See-Through‘ featuring Cold Bay, ‘Runway‘, ‘U-niverse‘ featuring Rick Bridges and ‘Hoodie‘ featuring Xydo and Raf Sandou. So, ‘R.ook Book‘ starts off the album with a smooth vibe where he just raps on top of the melody so effortlessly. You can’t help but move your body to it.

The title track is definitely a change to what we are used to hearing from him. It is much more groovier and has that soothing vibe to it. It is a nice change to what we have heard form him. ‘L.A.Y.E.R.E.D‘ showcases the beauty of SAAY’s voice on top of that R&B vibe and you can’t help but get chills from listening to it. It is a nice mix between her voice and Ravi’s voice.

See-Though‘ is definitely showing off his deeper voice and rap. It is quite slow yet is fast enough for fans to bop to. ‘Runway‘ has this happy vibe to it and one can’t help but smile throughout it. ‘U-niverse‘ is another soothing song where you can really groove to the melody. ‘Hoodie‘ is another track that fans can fall in love with. Throughout this album, we get to see a new side of his music. It is opening a new part of him to showcase to the fans.

Meanwhile, he will make his hot return on March 5th. Which track has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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