Produce x 101 boy group to be managed by Swing Entertainment

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Yes, that is right! More details on Produce x 101 final line up has been revealed. Check out the details out below!

It is revealed that the finalists will be debuting under Swing Entertainment. In particular, Swing Entertainment will be managing their five-year contracts, including the staff and producer support. CJ ENM will be the one in charge of their music production!

Now with that, Produce x 101 has recently announced their top 30 contestants, as well as the returned X trainee. For those who have yet to watch it, the following has made it to the top 31!

  1. Kim Wooseok (Top Media)
  2. Lee Jinhyuk (Top Media)
  3. Kim Yohan (OUI Entertainment)
  4. Song Hyeongjun (Starship Entertainment)
  5. Koo Jungmo (Starship Entertainment)
  6. Lee Eunsang (Brand New Music)
  7. Nam Dohyon (MBK Entertainment)
  8. Lee Jinwoo (Maroo Entertainment)
  9. Han Seungwoo (Plan A Entertainment)
  10. Kim Minkyu (Jellyfish Entertainment)
  11. Song Dongpyo (DSP Media)
  12. Song Yuvin (The Music Works)
  13. Cha Junho (Woollim Entertainment)
  14. Ham Wonjin (Starship Entertainment)
  15. Lee Hangyul (MBK Entertainment)
  16. Choi Byungchan (Plan A Entertainment)
  17. Cho Seungyoun (Yuehua Entertainment)
  18. Hwang Yunseong (Woollim Entertainment)
  19. Keum Donghyun (C9 Entertainment)
  20. Kang Hyeonsu (AAP.Y)
  21. Lee Sejin (iME Korea)
  22. Kim Kookheon (The Music Works)
  23. Kang Minhee (Starship Entertainment)
  24. Kim Sihun (Brand New Music)
  25. Kim Hyeonbin (Source Music)
  26. Lee Hyeop (Individual Trainee)
  27. Tony (Hongyi Entertainment)
  28. Park Sunho (sidusHQ)
  29. Choi Suhwan (Individual Trainee)
  30. Joo Changuk (Woollim Entertainment)

X. Kim Dongyun (Woollim Entertainment)

As a summary, Produce x 101 will be signing a contract of five years. The first two years and a half will have them solely focusing on the project group promotion. The final two years and a half will allow them to focus on both the project group promotions and their own label’s promotions.

Stay tuned to All Access Asia for more updates!

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