PENTAGON’s Hui does a breathtaking cover of EXO’s ‘Tempo’

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PENTAGON‘s Hui continues to drop many beautiful covers of K-pop tracks. This time, he has revealed a longer cover version of EXO‘s ‘Tempo‘. So, check it out below!

The video itself is quite simple; it only features a white screen with who is covering the track and what track is been covered. Because of its simplicity, it allows fans to sit back and relax to the beauty of Hui‘s voice. It is amazing to see the kind of genres his voice can fit into. It is evident that he is able to make any track sound so soothing and beautiful to listen to. He knows how to change it up to make it his own style. This kind of vibe really has fans falling in love with him all over again! He is one talented person!

So, be sure to check out his latest cover and his previous K-pop covers. Did you like his rendition of ‘Tempo’? Let us know in the comments below!

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