PENTAGON sing “Humph” in their new MV

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PENTAGON are all round cuteness and they definitely express this in their new MV titled “Humph“.


Just listening to this MV you feel all gooey and giggly inside because of the peppy backing track and soft, light vocals. The song itself is really playful and young meaning anyone listening to it instantly feels good about being themselves for that moment.

The lyrics which include “Rock paper scissors” and “meenie miney moe” play into the youthfulness of this track. Having the scene set in a school really does tie the song together. It’s not often you see idols referring back to school days talking about many differing topics including respect, apologising and friendship in such an upbeat manner. This is a really powerful song and we are loving it.

Scene from the video on Pentagon Official instagram

Above is a perfect image taken from the official PENTAGON Instagram of what this video represents. Each scene in the video lends itself to the overall school theme with different backings such as the classroom, baseball field, hall and also children featured too. It really takes you back but in a very good way. To top it off they add playful gestures and smooth dance moves in case the video wasn’t cute enough.

What is your favorite part of the video? Tell us below.

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