PENTAGON are having a relaxed ‘SUM(ME:R)’

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PENTAGON are preparing for their comeback with their ninth mini-album ‘SUM(ME:R)’.

SUM(ME:R)‘ is scheduled for release on July 17, and will feature a total of four songs including the title track ‘Off Limits’.

They are flooding us with the cutest teaser images. There’s plenty of individual and group shots to keep every fan happy.

The images fit with the concept of the album of a relaxed and cool summer. The members are all looking like they are on a tropical vacation relaxing and enjoying each others company.

PENTAGON ‘SUM(ME:R)’ teaser images

The earlier teasers that were released featured warm yellow borders and comfortable relaxed images of the members.

We’re loving this concept!

PENTAGON ‘SUM(ME:R)’ teasers

When the track list for ‘SUM(ME:R)‘ was released, it was revealed that two of their new tracks were produced by rapper Giriboy.  Their title track ‘Off Limits‘ was composed by Giriboy and Hui, while Hui, Giriboy and Wooseok wrote the lyrics.

The song ‘Fantasy Stick’ was co-composed by Giriboy, Minit and Hui, with Hui and Wooseok writing the lyrics.

Jinho and Wooseok wrote the lyrics for ‘SUMMER!‘ and all nine members co-composed and co-wrote the lyrics for ‘Round 2 (Bonus Track)‘.


One of the first teasers released, saw Cube Entertainment release a 7-second interview with each of the members asking them to describe their comeback in a single word. Kino and Jinho chose, ‘Summer‘, Wooseok, Yeo One, Shinwon, Yuto, and Hui failed to answer in time, Hongseok said, ‘Hongseok’ and Yan An said, ‘Idiot‘.

PENTAGON 7-second interview

This is a really fast comeback for PENTAGON, as it is only four months since the release of ‘Genie:us‘ in March 2019.

‘SUM(ME:R)’ is scheduled for release on July 17 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of the news of PENTAGON making a comeback with ‘SUM(ME:R)‘? What do you think of the image teasers? Who is your PENTAGON bias and what do you think of his teaser images? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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