Park Jihoon will ‘Call U Up’ in MV teaser featuring Lee Hi

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Yes, that is right! For Universe Music, we will be getting a collaboration between Park Jihoon and Lee Hi on the track, ‘Call U Up‘. Check out the teasers below!

For his cover image teaser, we see Park Jihoon leaning against the wall with this beautiful artificial sunlight shining through his image. He looks like a bad boy, especially with the graffiti behind him.

His first concept teaser showcases a clean shot of him as he stares directly at the camera. It is taken from the front as he gives the camera a beautiful stare. He definitely knows how to get his fans’ heart racing!

His second concept teaser features him wearing the same outfit from the first concept teaser. However, we are given a more blue effect, giving it a natural look to the image. He is also seen posing differently as the camera looks up at him instead. It is also another lovely shot of him.

From the first concept film teaser, we get a feel for the kind of concepts the video will be going for. From the sounds of it, it has this futuristic vibe where he is thrust into a space that is unknown to us all. It will be interesting to see where this goes musically.

In his first MV teaser, we finally get to hear the kind of music we will be getting. It has this groovy beat and melody that has you moving to it. His voice just fits in well with this kind of melody, leaving us more excited for the full release.

In the latest teaser, it continues from the melody that we have heard from the MV teaser. We also get to hear more of the verse this time. He sounds incredible on this track. We can’t wait to hear Lee Hi‘s voice on this track as well.

Meanwhile, this track will be revealed on March 4th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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