OnlyOneOf triggers their ‘Instinct Part 1’ in latest teasers

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OnlyOneOf is preparing for their upcoming return with ‘Instinct Part 1‘. They have revealed their individual and group teasers. So, check it out below!








For their image teasers, we have this beautiful blue ocean border that helps highlight their images. They know how to capture our attention from the very beginning. The image begins off with the members wearing their business attired where some members are seen wearing the full set while others lose their jackets. They definitely know how to pull off the style quite well. However, as we move along with each member, they begin to lose an item and we see that they have lost their shirt as well!

KB x Yoojung

Junji x Rie

Love x Nine x Mill

Then, they have revealed their unit teasers. Here, we see them paired up while wearing beautiful denim outfits. Most of the members are seen with their shirts unbuttoned, bringing out their sex appeal. This is definitely a total change in concept that we have seen from them. It surely shows their maturity and manly side that isn’t emphasised in their other comebacks.

Finally, they have dropped their group teaser. They are seen wearing the denim outfits that was featured in their unit teasers. They definitely look like a group with these matching outfits. One can’t wait to see what kind of song will be fitting to this concept.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that they will make their hot return on April 8th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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