OnlyOneOf is in a ‘Time Leap’ with ‘Savanna’ with their latest MV releases!

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OnlyOneOf released not one, but two new MVs earlier this week.

The two tracks called ‘Time Leap‘ and ‘Savanna‘ were teased on their official twitter,  with new images which were closely followed by the release.

OnlyOneOf Twitter posts

The first video titled ‘Time Leap’ features the group with a white ambient background as well as a more warehouse type feel matching their gorgeous outfits. This song is more of a ballad featuring sweet, soft vocals and alluring looks by the group. Let’s take a look.

OnlyOneOf ‘Time Leap’

Onlyoneof ‘Time Leap’ official MV

We are spoilt for choice because now that the group have the stage set, we delve into the feirce ‘Savanna‘ MV. This video has a more retro feel and really shows off the diversity and strong dance moves of the group. A real contrast to Time Leap‘. Watch Savanna below.

OnlyOneOf ‘Savanna’

Onlyoneof ‘savanna’ official MV

Both videos have such beautiful vocals but each song has its own style and strengths. Then, just when you thought we were done, we aren’t! They also released a second version of the ‘Time Leap‘ video titled the clock version. It’s set in a more elaborate style & really setting the mood!

OnlyOneOf ‘Time Leap’ (Clock version)

Onlyoneof ‘Time Leap’ Clock Vers.

We are truly blown away by these two wonderful tracks that reveal some of the groups’ strengths. Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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