OnlyOneOf continues to go bold when introducing their members!

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OnlyOneOf continues to tease for their upcoming debut. Before they can actually debut, they slowly revealed each member. So far, we have introduced Nine and Mill. We will continue to showcase the rest of the members. So, check them out below!

So, the next three members to be revealed are Rie, JunJi and Love. In Rie’s image, he looks quite out of it while lying on the ground. He is also holding a candle stand with some lit-up candles. It gives it that aesthetics that works nicely with the overall homey vibe.

For Junji’s image, he has kept it simple with a pose in front of a white wall. He definitely looks good front on, as well as from the side. He surely has an intense look on that fans are digging!

The next member to be revealed so far is Love. He is seen i a grocery line section with lots of yummy food surrounding him. The neon lights that is shining from one end gives it that edgy look, enhancing the overall vibe he is going for. For those who recognise him, he was also the one that was featured in LOONA‘s ViVi‘s ‘Everyday I Love You‘ MV!

Meanwhile, they will continue to reveal their members!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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