ONEWE kills it in band performance for ‘Q’

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ONEWE has dropped the band performance and acoustic version of ‘Q‘. Check it out below!

In the band performance, the video focuses on the members playing the instruments rather than the appears storyline. This allows us to appreciate the work they do while playing their respective instruments. It is clear that this kind of concept and scene is definitely enough to bring out the beauty of this song. They look so beautiful playing on their instruments. The song itself is just so chill and draws you in immediately. It is nice to see a change in their music to fit the current season.

The second video released is the acoustic version of ‘Q‘. It allows us to hear the rawness of the song. It is clear how beautiful it sounds without the studio edit over it. The song is one that pulls you in immediately. It is just so captivating to listen to. What is also great about this version is the fact that member Yonghoon and Dongmyeong is heard singing Hwasa‘s parts. It is clear that they are able to complete the whole song themselves, giving us another version of the song.

So, be sure to check out both videos above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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