ONEWE has a ‘Q’ for you in concept teasers

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ONEWE has dropped their concept film teasers for ‘Q‘. Check it out below!

Yonghoon begins off the teasers. We get to see highlights of him featured in the MV. We see him jamming along to the sound, as well as looking quite beautiful with “scars” on his face. It allows him to look quite fierce and bad boyish.

Next up is Kanghyun who also is seen with stretches on his face. This time, we get to hear the guitar and the way it plays along with the melody. It is quite addictive to listen to.

Harin also looks quite fierce in his concept teaser. He gives us both a fierce and attractive look as he sits there by the drums. We also get to hear a bit of the vocals that just glides with the melody line.

Dongmyeong is seen singing so beautifully along with this groovy beat. You can’t help but move along to it. He definitely looks great for the camera!

Finally, we have CyA with blue hair. His rap just fits so well with the song. It already sounds like a jam, and we haven’t heard it all yet. It does leave us more curious than ever about how Hwasa will fit into this song.

They have also dropped the official MV teaser. It is just as groovy as the first time we have heard it. It is nice to see them experiment with different sounds. Meanwhile, Hwasa‘s voice just enters in so smoothly, enhancing the beauty of this song. They definitely have chosen the right featured artist on this track.

Meanwhile, this song will be revealed on April 2nd. What do you think of the song so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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