ONEUS prepares for their return with their ‘Blood Moon’ comeback schedule

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ONEUS is preparing for their upcoming return with ‘Blood Moon‘. Check out their teasers below!

From the comeback schedule, they will release their intro teaser and tracklist on October 22nd and 24th. The concept teasers are set from October 25th to November 3rd. The MV teasers will be revealed on November 1st and 4th. Finally, the highlight medley is scheduled for November 5th.

From their intro track, we get this powerful dance choreography from them that leaves us mesmerised. We also got Yerim Choi doing her monologue that helps set the scene of the video. They have done an incredible job in introducing us to what they will be returning with.

From the tracklist, there is a total of seven tracks including ‘Luna‘, intro track, ‘Yes Or No‘, ‘Life Is Beautiful‘, ‘Shut Up Crazy Hot!‘, ‘We’re In Love‘ and ‘Who You Are‘.

For their first group teaser, they are seen wearing their oriental traditional outfits. The image is taken at night, bringing out the beauty via the moonlight. This kind of look fits them so well as they capture us with their beauty and look.

Leedo x Xion

Seoho x Hwanwoong

Ravn x Keonhee


For their solo teasers, each member gets a total of four images. The first image has them wearing their traditional outfits while continuing with that night theme. The second image embraces their pure side as they are seen wearing white. The images are taken quite close, capturing their beauty well. Their third teaser brings forth their modern look while looking quite sexy in this dark concept. While, the final image goes for that mature look while they embrace the white suits.

They have also dropped the MV teaser for ‘Luna‘. In this teaser, we get these beautiful cinematography shots that truly capture our attention from the start. Then, we are hit with the beats and powerful performance. It surely us has ready for their full release.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on November 9th. Are you enjoying the teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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