ONEUS have so many teasers for ‘Lived’

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ONEUS will be making their comeback in just a matter of days with their fourth mini-album ‘Lived’ and the title track ‘To Be or Not To Be‘.

After the success the group found on ‘Road to Kingdom‘, there’s extra anticipation in the lead-up to this release.

The latest teaser released is the MV for the title track ‘To Be or Not To Be‘. The song sounds powerful, the choreography looks to be amazing – all in all, we’re excited to see the full MV when it is released.

ONEUS ‘To Be or Not To Be’ MV teaser

The prologue film that was released gives us a behind the scenes look at what went into making ‘Lived‘.

ONEUS ‘Lived’ Prologue

The group released yet another group teaser image which is giving us another darker vibe for this release.

ONEUS ‘Lived’ group teaser

The group released a series of individual teaser clips which highlighted each member’s charms.

ONEUS individual teaser clips

ONEUS ‘Lived’ group concept teaser

The group also released two story films to give us a feel for the title track ‘To Be or Not To Be‘.

ONEUS ‘To Be or Not To Be’ story film

When the track list for ‘Lived‘ was released, it was revealed that Ravn took part in writing lyrics for all six songs on the album, while Leedo co-wrote lyrics for four of the tracks. Ravn and Seoho co-composed and co-wrote lyrics for the song ‘Dizzy‘.

ONEUS ‘Lived’ tracklisting

The individual concept teaser images that were released of each of the members were simply stunning. They’re so visual and each image just feels fresh and vibrant and impactful.

ONEUS ‘Lived’ concept images

ONEUS ‘Lived’ group teaser

ONEUS will be making their comeback with ‘Lived‘ and the title track ‘To Be or Not To Be’ on August 19 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of all the teasers for ‘Lived‘ from ONEUS? Are you looking forward to hearing ‘To Be or Not To Be‘ in full? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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