NU’EST are your Princes in latest ‘Happily Ever After’ teasers

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NU’EST continues to drop more contents ahead of their return. Check out all the teasers below!

They have revealed a new set of group teasers. With this set, we continue to see just how beautiful they look as a group. They are seen in different pastel coloured suits that go well with the overall vibe of the image. They definitely stand out amongst the mist and white background. The second image teaser showcases them in more vibrant colours. By doing so, it allows them to go well with the right natural light coming from the window side. They are definitely going all out with their first comeback as a whole!

They have also revealed the tracklist. This album will have a total of seven tracks including ‘Segno‘, the title track, ‘Bet Bet‘, ‘Bass‘, ‘Talk About Love‘, ‘Different‘, ‘Fine‘ and Minhyun‘s solo track, ‘Universe‘.

Since we have gotten the names of each track, they have also given us a taste of what each track sounds like. ‘Segno‘ is quite a soothing track to listen to, that brings out the best in their voices. ‘Bet Bet‘ starts off with a soft vibe with quite a ballad vibe to it. However, the song continues to build to the drop where you are hit hard with the chorus. It sounds promising so far.

‘Bass’ stays true to its name with a prominent bass sounds throughout the song. It also has this groove that has you in a daze. ‘Talk About Love‘ is their more chill and slow tracks. However, because of that, it allows us to sit back and enjoy the beauty of their voices. ‘Different‘ is definitely a different song which uses minimalistic sounds initially before it builds up. ‘Fine‘ is a great way to finish off the album due to its more intense sounds. You can feel their emotions poured into this song before it quietly ends.

Meanwhile, the group is set to make their hot return on April 29th. Which track did you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below !

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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