NU’EST are getting ready to make a comeback with all five members

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Fans of NU’EST are beside themselves with anticipation with the news that the group are currently working on new music with all five members.

Minhyun recently completed activities with Wanna One and has returned to NU’EST. The group last promoted together in 2016 with the release of their mini-album ‘Canvas‘.

Pledis Entertainment have announced that the group would be releasing a new digital single in mid-March, however they will be making their official comeback with a new album at a later date, with details still to be provided.

It has also been revealed that Minhyun who has travelled to Milan for Fashion Week will be filming a new music video for the comeback while he is there.

A representative from Pledis Entertainment commented, “This music video shoot is just one part of NU’EST’s comeback plan, just like the upcoming single that they will be releasing as a full group.”

They added, “Because it’s their comeback as a full group, we are putting even more effort into our preparations.”

We are currently preparing many different things for [NU’EST’s] fans leading up to their official comeback, so we ask that you show lots of anticipation.”

After the release of the first set of profile images which had a relaxed and comfortable feel to them, the members released a new set of profile images which saw a very different side to them.

They were dressed up in black suits and looking all kinds of suave sophistication.

NU’EST suited up for profile images

Earlier we saw the release of the first set of profile photos for the group, signalling the beginning of their activities for 2019.

The images were a treat for fans who had been waiting for new images since the return of Minhyun. They didn’t disappoint with the members all looking cozy and comfortable in sweaters.

NU’EST comfy cozy in profile images

Pledis Entertainment also confirmed that NU’EST would be holding their first concert as a five member group at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena in April.

Are you excited to hear new material from NU’EST? What do you think of the profile images that have been released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

All Access Asia will keep you posted on details as they are released.

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