NiziU takes ‘Step And A Step’ in MV teaser

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NiziU prepares for their upcoming debut with ‘Step And A Step‘. They have revealed their MV teasers. So, check it out below!

In their first MV teaser, we get this bright sound that will go well with the summer vibe. This kind of uplifting sound also fits nicely with the visuals we are seeing in the video. It is bright and colourful as different members make different facial expressions. By doing so, it also allows us to get to know each member properly! Every one of them is looking too cute.

They have also revealed the second MV teaser. This teaser gives us an extension from what we have heard in the first MV teaser. It is definitely as upbeat and uplifting as we all thought it to be. It definitely goes well with this cute look they are going. One can also feel the summer vibe coming through strongly as they all dance quite energetically to the music.

Meanwhile, they will make their official debut on December 2nd with the MV released on November 25th. Are you enjoying the way it sounds so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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