NiziU are smiling beautifully in ‘Step And A Step’ teasers

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NiziU prepares for their upcoming debut with ‘Step And A Step‘. Check out the teasers below!

Every member have released their first concept teaser. We get this touch of summer as they go for that beautiful girl crush vibe. We also get this rainbow colour scheme on the side that helps enhance this concept they are going for.

They have released the tracklist. There is a total of 4 tracks including ‘Step And A Step‘, ‘Joyful‘, ‘Sweet Bomb‘ and ‘Make You Happy‘.










For their second concept teaser, they continue with the same theme. They are seen wearing beautiful white outfits while posing with the clear skies behind them. This brightness definitely enhances the beauty of the image and showcase how well they fit into this summer look.

They have also revealed their album covers. All the album covers have the same look. The difference is the way they are posing and how close the camera is. Nevertheless, it is a bright concept. One can’t wait to see what kind of song they will release to fit with this concept.

Meanwhile, they will make their official debut on December 2nd. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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