NewKidd gives you a look at their upcoming track, ‘Tu Eres’

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NewKidd is getting ready to make their debut soon! They have revealed the audio teaser and two MV teasers. So, check it out below!

In their official film teaser, we get a feel for the kind of track they will debut with. It has this soothing vibe to it mixed in with unique effects. It is the kind of song that one could get down to and groove along with. It is quite catchy and is definitely has a way with attracting listeners.

In the first MV teaser, we hear a different section of the song. It is much softer sounding where it slowly builds up. It gives us a welcoming vibe before the beat drops and the clicks become more prominent. The video itself features many eye-catching scenes and is able to capture the members nicely. It is quite aesthetically pleasing to watch, keeping fans on their feet on where the video will head to.

The second MV teaser showcases a more upbeat and fast-paced section of the song. It appears to be the chorus of the song. Their voices are also heard on top of this melody line. It is quite beautiful to listen to, especially when it comes to the dance break. The dance choreography is also quite soothing and fast, working well with the mood of this song.

Meanwhile, the group is set to make their hot debut on April 25th. Are you enjoying the vibe? Let us know in the comments below!

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