NCT’s Taeyong is planning a solo comeback

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SM Entertainment recently revealed that NCT‘s leader Taeyong is going to be making a solo comeback soon.

Taeyong‘s second mini-album is scheduled to be released on February 26, this will be just after his first solo concert ‘2024 Taeyong Concert – TY Track’ which is being held on February 24-25 at Olympic Hall in Seoul.

SM Entertainment released a statement about Taeyong’s comeback, saying, “In order to express his sincere thoughts and inner struggles, Taeyong is pouring all of his efforts into each stage of the album creation process, ensuring that fans will be able to encounter a more mature side to Taeyong’s sensibilities“.

The release of Taeyong‘s second mini-album will be his first solo comeback since the release of his solo debut album ‘Shalala‘ eight months ago.

Taeyong ‘Shalala’

Are you excited to hear that Taeyong is planning a solo comeback? What style of music are you hoping he will include on the album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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