NCT U want to show you a little ’90’s Love’

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Just days ago, NCT dropped the music video for the new title track ‘90’s Love’.  The track is from their new release NCT 2020 Resonance Pt.2’.

This time around, the NCT sub-unit NCT U features TEN, Win Win, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Yang Yang and Sungchan – who shyly revealed that this is actually his debut song in their reaction video.

The song is composed by Jia Lih, Jeremy “Tay” Jasper, Jayden Henry, Adrian McKinnon, Wilston Jordain Johnson, Maurice Moore, Timothy “Bos” Bullock, and Hautboi Rich, and the Korean lyrics were written by Kenzie.

90’s Love’ is an ode to old-school Nineties hip-hop and R&B.  It’s energetic, fun and fresh and has a distinct retro vibe running through the entire track.  It’s a complete mish-mash of 90’s musical moments that you’ll remember – everything from Boyz II Men styled harmonies to new jack swing moments that are reminiscent of Bell Biv Devoe and the loud brashness of Kris Kross.

There are so many elements to this song, it will have your head spinning trying to keep up.  It puts the full talent and artistic abilities of the members on display as they seamlessly and effortlessly weave all those elements together into one cohesive, groovy and ‘leave it on high-rotation’ songs.

NCT U ’90’s Love’

90’s Love‘ is the lead single from NCT 2020RESONANCE Pt. 2‘. The new album, follows the recent release of NCT 2020RESONANCE Pt. 1‘, and features 21 songs in total, with eight new tracks in addition to the 13 songs from the first album.

What do you think of NCT U‘s ‘90’s Love‘? Do you love the retro feel of the track and the powerhouse choreography? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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