NCT marks the launch of their Channel NCT with the release of NCT’s Mark’s freestyle dance cover

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As many knows, NCT had dropped a fun and exciting teaser for their upcoming Channel NCT on YouTube! Now, it appears that this channel has been launched! This channel is set up to allow each member the ability to showcase their talent to their fans. It will also be a way to open themselves up to the fans. It definitely is fascinating and fans can’t wait to see the kind of content they will upload on it. Under this channel will also have many sub-channels like their different sub units and right now the launch of NCT Dance. Mark is first up with his video, and he showcases why he was chosen for his dance. So, check it out below!

Even though, most of the time we see him on TV, he shows off his amazing rapping ability, he is also such a natural at dancing. The track he is free styling to is Anderson .Paak‘s ‘TINTS‘. This video is filmed during the night with beautiful orange light that lights up the place to the right extent. Mark just has this natural rhythm and groove to every movement he makes. One can’t get their eyes of off him as he continues to do his own thing. Through this video, we can’t help but fall in love with Mark’s charm. He knows what he is doing and fans are enjoying every moment of it.

Meanwhile, the next sub-channel to merge out is NCT Daily. In particular, we get a daily dose of member Johnny. He talks about his life and something about it is quite soothing. No wonder he is a radio DJ! So, check it out below!

From what we see so far, they will be uploading high class videos! It will be exciting to see who is up next! Meanwhile, be sure to show your support for the channel by checking out the video above. Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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