NCT Dream light up the dark with ‘Candle Light’

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Just a few days ago SM Station 3 released NCT Dream‘s ‘Candle Light‘ – and in a move sure to make fans ecstatic – NCT Dream member Mark who had recently graduated from the group is featured on the song.

Candle Light‘ is best described as a mellow pop track that gets into the seasonal mood with sweet strings and melodies, with the occasional rap thrown in just to mix things up. The lyrics of the song compare romance to the gentle light of candles and expresses gratitude over being able to be with a loved one. 

The song sees the group deliver a subdued, vocal-driven performance. In a surprising move, the track opens with rapper Mark taking on the role of a vocalist. The lilting hooks that follow take advantage of the group’s beautiful harmonies, delivered with a gentle touch that gives the song a sweet and soft appeal. The song has an uncluttered arrangement, driven by folk guitar and splashes of brass that add to the track’s comfortable and welcoming vibe.

The accompanying music video features a staple of NCT Dream music videos, a basketball motif throughout. The plot of the MV revolves around the seven members as an old school film crew creating, and then watching, a movie.

Check out NCT Dream’s ‘Candle Light’

What do you think of ‘Candle Light‘ from NCT Dream? Were you happy to see Mark in another track from the group? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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