NCT Dream are rockin’ and ‘Ridin’

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This week saw NCT Dream make their comeback with the release of ‘Reload‘ and the title track ‘Ridin‘.

‘Ridin‘ is described as an urban trap song with a heavy bass line. The lyrics talk about NCT Dream‘s passion and determination to forge ahead on a new path.

The song feels intense and is a clear and definite progression from their last title track ‘Boom‘. The track rides on those heavy bass synths that are reminiscent of all those motorcycles that were in the teasers and feature in the MV.

The visual of the MV is, as you would expect from this group, dance driven. The energetic choreography mostly takes place in an industrial setting strewn with graffiti, muscle cars and motorcycles.

NCT Dream ‘Ridin’

The group also released two other versions of ‘Ridin’. The Ridin’ version and the Rollin’ version. So many versions to choose from!

NCT Dream ‘Ridin’ – Ridin’ version

NCT Dream ‘Ridin’ – Rollin’ version

Soon after its release, the album ‘Reload’ topped the iTunes album charts in 49 countries around the world.

What do you think of ‘Ridin‘ from NCT Dream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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