NCT Dream are ‘Ridin’ high with teasers for ‘Reload’

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NCT Dream are continuing to drop multiple teasers in the lead-up to the release of ‘Reload‘ on April 29.

So far we’ve seen crew videos, teaser images, track videos and track posters. We’re impressed with the quantity of images being distributed, but also the aesthetic quality is through the roof.

The latest teaser images to be released are the ‘Ridin‘ version.

NCT Dream ‘Ridin’ version

Earlier we saw the release of the track video, poster and teaser images for ‘Quiet Down‘.

NCT Dream ‘Quiet Down’

The track video, poster and images for ‘Love Again‘ look like the group were having a party hanging out in a converted bus.

NCT Dream ‘Love Again’

The track video and poster for ‘7 Days‘ gives off definite school crush vibes.

NCT Dream ‘7 Days’

For the ‘Puzzle Piece‘ teasers, the NCT Dream members are showing off their handsome, casual and charming boyfriend styles.

The vocals seem a little softer and heartfelt. Jaemin needs to stop staring down the camera like that!

NCT Dream ‘Puzzle Piece’

The first teasers to be released for the the new album were a teaser image and a ‘Reload’ crew video which both gave us a glimpse of the concept for this release.

NCT Dream ‘Reload’

As we previously reported, following the release of the album the NCT Dream members will continue together, and be rejoined by original member Mark in a newly reorganised format. SM Entertainment has said that the new unit will be something like NCT U.

NCT Dream will be making their return with the album ‘Reload‘ on April 29.

What do you think of all the teasers and track videos that have been released for ‘Reload‘? Do you have a favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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