NCT DREAM are going to light the way with ‘Candle Light’

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NCT DREAM will be the next artists to release a song for SM STATION!

SM Entertainment‘s digital music platform made the announcement just a few days ago that NCT DREAM will be releasing the song ‘Candle Light‘ on December 27.  They released two teaser clips via social media for the track – a ‘Light’ version and a ‘Candle’ version.

The song is reported to be a warm and harmonious winter song.

Since the announcement, there have been plenty of teaser images to get fans excited for the release.

Today, saw the release of a behind-the-scenes’ clip for the song.

Take a look at NCT DREAM’s behind the scenes for ‘Candle Light’

There have been plenty of teaser images to keep fans of NCT DREAM happy.  Group and individual images all have the same colourful, fun feel to them.  They also have a slightly vintage feel with the props and the clothing used.

Check out NCT DREAM’s teaser images

nct dream nct dream

nct dream

After the announcement, SM Station released two clips via social media for ‘Candle Light‘.

Check out the Instagram posts for NCT Dream

NCT DREAM‘s ‘Candle Light‘ for SM Station is scheduled for release on December 27 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of the teaser images from NCT DREAM?  Do you have a favourite image?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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