NCT China will be known as WayV and the first teaser clip has been released!

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SM Entertainment have finally revealed some details of the previously teased NCT China unit. The group will be known as WayV and will feature some existing NCT members and some SM Rookies that we’ve already met. The announcement was made along with the release of the first teaser image (above).

The members of WayV will be Kun, WinWin, Ten, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Yangyang, and Hendery. The first four are current members of NCT, while we met the other three members in late 2018 as SM Rookies. The seven-member group will pursue promotions both inside and outside of China. It has also been revealed that they may join NCT’s future activities.

WayV will be introducing each member through various videos posted on official social media accounts to draw interest from people ahead of their debut. SM will be responsible for producing the group, who will make their debut through Label V, the Chinese agency SM Entertainment has a joint venture with.

An entrancing video has also been released for the group. The video is entitled ‘See the V‘, and gives us the chance to meet each of the members individually.

Check out WayV’s first teaser clip

The three members who were SM Rookies have also taken to social media to express their thanks as they embark on the next phase of their careers.

Xiao Jun wrote, “Hello. Everyone, I am Xiao Jun. I’m finally debuting. I’m very happy to have received a lot of encouragement from you. I love you!”

Hendery wrote, “Time goes by so fast! It hasn’t been long since I joined the SM Rookies, yet I’m already graduating. But I think of it as everything starting now!! I’ll work harder in the future, so to my fans who love me, please support me a lot.”

Yangyang said, “Hello! This is Yangyang. This is the first time you’ve seen us write in Korean, right? Today we graduated from SM Rookies. I’m so grateful that you’ve continued to show us support, and we’ll keep showing you different sides of ourselves.”

A second teaser clip for WayV is scheduled to be released on January 2.

What do you think of the first teaser clip and image from WayV? Are you excited to hear what sort of music they release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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