N.Flying show us a good time with ‘Good Bam’

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N.Flying have made their officialy comeback with the release this week of the album ‘Yaho‘ and title track ‘Good Bam‘.

Good Bam‘ is a funky, disco-infused pop-rock song. While we love them getting down and dirty with a rock song, the group has proven time and again, that they can master any genre and ‘Good Bam‘ is a worthy addition to their repertoire.

According to their own description, this release shows the “free-spirited N.Flying of the night, escaping from the tedious routine of the day.”

The single, which is a play on the term “good night” as “bam (밤)” in Korean means “night”, “represents the fluttering hearts of young people who can’t fall asleep easily in refreshing autumn nights.” The music video features the band members spending their day and a “Good Night” together. Littered throughout are references to past music videos, such as them singing “Rooftop” at karaoke.

N.Flying ‘Good Bam’

What do you think of N.Flying‘s new track ‘Good Bam‘? Do you like them performing this type of music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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