N.Flying is the ‘Man On The Moon’ in new teasers

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N.Flying continues to reveal their individual teasers for ‘Man On The Moon‘. Check it out below!

Chahun is up next with his teaser. We get this chill guitar sound that is heard playing in the background. The video itself features him driving the car before he gives the camera a stare. It goes well with theupbeat suspense music that ended the video.

In Jaehyun‘s teaser, we hear this trumpet that is paired with the sound of a clock ticking. This works well with the clock that is seen on his wall. The music sounds quite mysterious, which goes nicely with the darkness of the video. We can’t wait to see how the different concepts will connect into one.

For Hweseung‘s teaser, he has shown the beauty of his voice that leaves us with chills. The video itself features him enjoying his time on the rooftop while looking at the beautiful night sky. Then, we hear that broadway music that leaves us excited for more.

Finally, in Dongsung‘s teaser, it begins with him graffiting on the wall before police sirens are heard, prompting him to run. The music itself is quite upbeat and full of suspense. It is similar to what we have heard in the previous individual video teasers.

They have also revealed the tracklist. There is a total of 10 tracks including ‘Moonshot‘, ‘Ask‘, ‘Comma,‘, ‘Undo‘, ‘You‘, ‘Blue Scene‘, ‘Fate‘, ‘Zip.‘, ‘To You‘ and ‘Flashback‘.

They have dropped the first MV teaser. It begins with them walking in before we are hit with the beautiful high note. The lovely instrument comes in and leaves us wanting more by the end of it. The video appears to hint at its connection to wolves. We can’t wait for its full release.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on June 7th. Are you enjoying the teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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