MONSTA X’s I.M has returned with a new mixtape featuring ELHAE

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As many knows, MONSTA X‘s I.M has released his latest mixtape, ‘Horizon‘. With the same name, it also features American artist, ELHAE. With this mixtape, there is also another track called ‘Scent‘, which he had released through SoundCloud. So, check it out below!

Through this song, it is clear that I.M has such a beautiful voice. He surely never lets us down when he releases any kind of song. He begins the song, it is just so soothing and quite deep. It goes so well with the beauty of this melody. Since it is actually quite slow despite the strong beat, it allows you to sit back and enjoy the way it enters your ears.

Even though we can hear the auto tune, it goes well with the tone of this song. Furthermore, ELHAE is a perfect addition to this song. His voice is also quite soothing to listen to. It is a perfect fit with I.M‘s voice. Overall, they have presented such a beautiful song for the fans to listen to.

Scent‘ has a more softer tone to ‘Horizon‘. Because of that, the way he sings on top of this simplistic melody puts you in a daze. It is so beautiful to listen to. You can’t help but get chills. It definitely is a masterpiece. What is fascinating is the fact that he presents all kind of sides of his music. It is nice to see what he can do with his voice and how he applies it to different song genres.

So, be sure to check out the two tracks above. Which vibe did you like more? Let us know in the comments below!

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