MONSTA X reveals their ‘One Of A Kind’ tracklist

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MONSTA X has begun teasing for their upcoming return with ‘One Of A Kind‘. Check out the latest teasers below!

They have revealed the tracklist. From the tracklist, this album will have a total of seven tracks including ‘Gambler‘, ‘Heaven‘, ‘Addicted‘, ‘Secrets‘, ‘BEBE‘, ‘Rotate‘ and Korean version of ‘Livin’ It Up‘.

Minhyuk x Shownu

Kihyun x Joohoney

Hyungwon x I.M

For their first concept teaser, we have the members looking quite sophisticated and royal while posing in a mansion-like setting. They surely know how to look manly for their teasers as most of the members are seen staring deep into the camera. It surely has us feeling some type of way as they bring out their rich side through these images. This type of concept definitely goes well with each member.

Shownu x Minhyuk

Kihyun x Joohoney

Hyungwon x I.M

Their second concept teaser has the members wearing black and white suits while looking like detectives. They all know how to look so charismatic while posing in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Once again, we see the members pair up to bring forth this serious and sexy look. They know the type of concepts that best fits them and use it so well.

Shownu x Joohoney x I.M

Minhyuk x Kihyun x Hyungwon

Their third concept teaser has toned down on that fierce and serious look by going for a more chill and casual look. However, they kept that rich vibe going through as they pose in a private jet that screams out them flexing. It is quite a stunning look that goes well with each member. This overall black look contrasts well with the light colours used in the private jet. It surely makes them look like a bad boy there.

Shownu x Minhyuk x Hyungwon

Kihyun x Joohoney x I.M

Their latest teaser allows them to bring out their sexy side while embracing pastel and light colours. The overall background is white, which goes nicely with the overall colour scheme of their suits. From these teasers, it is like they are at a photo shoot while by the way they are posing and the way they are staring at the camera. They surely know how to capture us with their model looks.

Meanwhile, they are set to make their hot return on June 1st. Which concept do you like more? Let us know in the comments below!

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